Lesson Orientation

You can choose the lesson style that fits your needs


Communication is an essential skill. Nobody wants to be in an awkward situation, where he/she can't express themselves. We would be working on developing eloquence, which means well-spoken. You would become someone who knows how to start, engage with participants during the conversation wherever it may lead.


Do you want to read a book written on English language? Want to understand articles and stories better? Maybe you need fluency and pronunciation exercises to take you reading skill on a desirable level. These lessons are designed to improve your reading ability and comprehend everything while reading. Most people that are learning a second language will be able to read article fluently but they wouldn't understand it because they are just focused on reading part. These lessons will fix that forever.

Business English

Expand your business to a broader audience. The majority of meetings today are conducted using the English language as the world is getting smaller and companies want to deal and conduct business internationally. I will prepare you to eloquently state your opinion and ideas in a well-mannered way. Placing you in real-world scenarios where presentation, sales, discussion, bartering skills of yours will be put on the test. You will be ready to cope with any meeting that comes on your way.


Learn grammar, propper writing, or how to compose an essay. Writing is an art form. Someone might be talented at writing but that is not enough. Writing needs to be learned and practiced to get a gist of it and write wonderful essays, articles, etc. Starting from basics you will learn how to write your thoughts on paper conveying emotions and clearly expressing your ideas.


Do you want to learn more about computers and technology behind modern web? Since early childhood I was attracted to computer science and how computers work in general. From software to hardware. If you are interested in learning Python, JavaScript, Html you can choose this style as your lesson preference. Other than teaching I am a web developer. This website is made by me.

World History

This is an amazing subject because you would get educated on history all around the world in detail! Stories and usefulness of knowing this subject might get your attention and therefore your English(especially reading) will improve as well!

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