About Me

Hello! My name is Christina, and I'm thrilled to introduce myself as an experienced English teacher. With 8 years of teaching English under my belt and a TEFL teaching certificate, I've developed a strong passion for helping students learn and achieve their language goals.

I specialize in teaching English, but I also offer optional Spanish and drawing lessons, providing my students with a well-rounded learning experience. I believe that learning a language is more than just memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules; it's about immersing yourself in the culture and having fun while you learn.

In my free time, I enjoy painting, drawing, singing, and reading. As a polyglot, I've taught my own child to speak 5 languages, and I know first-hand the joy and satisfaction that comes from learning a new language.

My approach to teaching is friendly, patient, and personalized. I strive to create a comfortable learning environment for my students, where they can feel confident to ask questions and make mistakes. My goal is to help my students become fluent in English, and to give them the tools they need to communicate effectively in any situation.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your language-learning journey!

My video introduction